Assessment of feet mechanical loading and gait analysis with the BodyTronic 150 via WIFI sensor insoles. The analysis is suitable for anyone who moves without aids (including athletes, health athletes), but who suffering from pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips or back. The analysis shows whether the weight goes through the foot biomechanically correct or whether foot insoles should be used to improve biomechanics and reduce pain. The survey also provides information on the suitability of the shoes or insoles in use. We can help people who no longer feel the suitability of the shoes and insoles.

The information of the pressure sensor received from the sensor insoles on the foot is analysed by the programme and we can see the load distribution. According to them, the pressure characteristics of the insoles of the feet can be divided as follows:
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The patient undergoes subjective assessment, past medical history questionnaire, and examination of the feet. Angle of Achilles tendon, tibia/calcaneus/talus, toes position, the amount of pronation and supination.Kanna pöörded Excessive pronation shown on the picture, which significantly increases the load that goes through ankle, knee and hip leading to various injuries. In this example, each time you hit the ground during walking or running, such extra loading occurs. It can be especially dangerous during prolong wlaks and runs. That is why it is important to have correct biomechanical loading.Pes valgus

The assessment can be carried out repeatedly at any time if required. We can put insoles and sensor insoles in them and see the changes. In the same way, we can test the suitability of the shoe and the suitability of the insoles.Testi tulemus