Consultation, counseling and evaluation of lymph (and other) edema up to 50 min – 40 € * * The final price depends on the actual duration of the consultation. Lymph (and other) swelling consultation is intended for those who have swelling in any area of the body. We assess the occurrence of edema, skin condition, skin mobility, skin color and temperature, location of edema, consistency of edema, location of scars, mobility of scars, etc., which could be the cause. We perform swelling circumference measurements either by the Truncated Cone method manually or with the BodyTronic 600 3D device. If there have been previous surgeries, traumas, burns, blood clots during pregnancy, etc. or if swelling has occurred recently and very rapidly, it may take up to 50 minutes for the whole consultation and preparation of the necessary treatment plan. It is good if in this case all possible documentation is included when coming for counseling.