In the case of apparatus lymphatic massage, manual lymphatic massage techniques are always initiated to open and activate specific lymph nodes and drainage areas. Apparatus lymphatic massage is not suitable for all patients, and a discussion with a lymph therapist should always take place prior treatment in order to determine suitability. Typically, the apparatus is switched to lymphatic massage when the patient has undergone manual lymphatic massage and is seen to have an additional effect. Apparatus lymphatic massage is also suitable for venous insufficiency, for overworked and swollen feet to stimulate the circulation of venous blood and the lymphatic system, and to reduce the load. It is important for patients to wear medical compression therapy knee-high stockings on a daily basis between therapies. Used to treat edema of various causes and complications of edema. In the apparatus of lymphatic massage, air-filled chambers are gradually filled from the bottom upwards. The pressure achieves a faster flow of lymph fluid in the body, reduces swelling and relieves pain. Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system leads to stimulation of the contractility of smooth muscle fibers (intestinal, renal function is accelerated) and, conversely, the tone of the striated muscles decreases, heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Apparatus lymphatic massage can be performed daily on the body, upper and lower limbs. Apparatus lymphatic massage is combined with pressure therapy, exercise and skin care if necessary. All of these support and increase the effect of the apparatus on lymphatic massage. The indications are: • muscle tension and pain • speeding up recovery after exercise • swelling due to injury, accident or trauma (rupture, fracture, large scars) • general strengthening of the immune system • swelling due to burns • congenital lymphatic system dysfunction: primary lymphoarthritis • , arthritis (non-inflammatory stage) • chronic venous insufficiency, thrombosis, chronic venous ulcer, erysipelas (non-acute stage) • lipedema • post-operative edema (including cosmetic surgery, liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures) • after oncological treatment , radiation therapy) Contraindications are:

acute infections (erysipelas, influenza, fever)
severe stage III and IV heart failure
established hypotension (<105/60 mmhg)
acute thrombosis or acute thrombophlebitis
unexplained skin changes
severe kidney disease
> 80 years of age (vascular elasticity, risk of thrombosis)
established sinus bradycardia (<50 / min) (cardiac arrest)
established arrhythmia
hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism)

Contraindications to the pelvis and abdomen:

acute diseases of the pelvis and abdomen
unexplained pelvic and abdominal disorders
chronic colon diseases
spastic constipation (intestinal cramping constipation)

During the primary lymphatic massage, the circumference of the swollen limbs is measured using the Truncated Cone method or digitally with the BodyTronic600 to compare the effect post treatment, if necessary.