As an e-consultation, we offer two services:

physiotherapy 1h. We use Skype videocall to take a history of the patient and see the patient (have tests done for assessment, find out where the pain is, etc.) After the assessment, we advise, give tips and send the necessary exercise programme with videos, explanations and recommendations. Service provider physiotherapists Gleb Sljusartšuk (EST, RUS, ENG) 
pre-operative and / or post-operative counseling of complications of oncological treatment 1h. We use Skype videocall to take a history of the patient and also to see the patient (restricted joint movement, scars, swelling, pain, etc.). After the anamnesis and assessment, we give advice on questions related to rehabilitation (swelling, scars, regimen, exercises, products eg external breast prosthesis, etc.), creat the necessary exercise programme and deliver necessary treatment products via Itella Smartpost or Omniva post. swimwear, etc. Service provider physiotherapist and lymph therapist Merit Rohi (EST, ENG)

The price of the service is 30 EUR / h. We will send an invoice for the service by e-mail. To make a reservation on the website, select the required service under and under Consultations and research. For reservations, you can also contact 6454250 and Use Reio Vilipuu Taastusravikliinik in Skype search