Lymphatic therapy up to 50 minutes – 40 € * (* the price of dressings is added) Lymphatic therapy consists of various therapeutic activities – lymphatic massage, compression therapy through compression dressing, physiotherapeutic exercises, skin care and counseling of the patient and relatives. Lymphatic massage activates the angiomotor and lymph fluid flow in the body, reduces swelling, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and relieves pain due to the transport of allogeneic substances. Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system leads to stimulation of the contractility of smooth muscle fibers (intestinal, renal function is accelerated) and, conversely, the tone of the striated muscles decreases, heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Manual lymphatic massage naturally affects the immune system through various processes in the lymph nodes (follicles and warts) and through the transport of harmful substances from the body. Since the duration of the effect of manual lymphatic massage is 3-4 hours, pressure binding is performed to achieve a greater effect. As the work of the muscle pump moves (e.g., walking with a tied leg or doing exercises with a tied hand), it is even more effective in the form of pressure from the ligament that counteracts the muscle strain. Skin care (washing and creaming the skin) is important, because the binding raises the temperature of the skin surface and dries the skin. All these activities support and increase the effect of therapy. Complex lymphatic therapy is needed already if the consistency of the lymphatic swelling does not soften and the circumference does not decrease. In this way, the best treatment results are also achieved in advanced cases (the last stage or elephantiasis), because it is through pressure (80% of the total therapy result) that the fluid return to the tissues decreases, the tissues soften, the swelling volumes decrease and the tissue metabolism improves. Two activities are considered as compression therapy: firstly, pressure bonding with low-elastic elastic bandages as part of complex lymphatic therapy, and secondly, at the end of the therapy, the application of medical compression therapy products on a daily basis (except at night). Products include, for example, compression stockings, knee-highs, sleeves, gloves, etc. In primary lymphatic therapy, the circumference of the swollen limbs is measured by the Truncated Cone method (allows adequate assessment of the effect of the therapy), skin condition, skin mobility, skin color and temperature, swelling location, swelling consistency, scar location, scar mobility, etc. are described.