Tursekeskus OÜ is a company established in 2013. Our mission is to offer patients complete solutions: professional rehabilitation services and high-quality aids. We offer active oncology treatment, rehabilitation after various surgeries, traumas or injuries caused by overloading, as well as treatment of edema caused by chronic diseases. For best postoperative results, we recommend that you seek advice before surgery so that you do not delay the start of rehabilitation (especially important for major surgeries such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and gynecological surgeries). As the only representative of Bauerfeind AG in Estonia, we sell medical aids manufactured in Germany – medical compression treatment products (discount of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund can be used), insoles and various orthoses (discount of the Social Insurance Board can be used). For women who have undergone breast cancer treatment, we offer Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH external breast prostheses of various shapes, weights and sizes produced in Austria and Germany (benefit of the Social Insurance Agency can be used) and underwear, sportswear and swimwear that are ideally fitted. We are the only one in Estonia to use BodyTronic 600, 3D technology to select the most suitable medical compression therapy products and the BodyTronic 150 system with sensor insoles for assessment of feet mechanical loading and walking gait examination.

Our team

Reio Vilipuuu (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish)
Reio Vilipuuu (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish) Physiotherapist, board member

I have graduated from Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool with a degree in physiotherapy (2010), in-service training for a lymph therapist (2013) and passed a lymph therapist, level 6 exam (2015) and in Finland a full-service lymph therapist training and a level exam (2016). I have worked as a physiotherapist in the departments of anesthesiology-intensive care, oncology, vascular and general surgery, urology and spinal surgery at  Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla. Since then, I have been interested in the rehabilitation of cancer patients immediately after surgery and during chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Woring with patients< I look to find solutions to achieve the best possible quality of life through counseling, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, lymphatic therapy and aids. Since 2015, I have also been working at the Docrates Cancer Center in Finland to continuously improve my topics in breast and prostate cancer rehabilitation and to acquire new skills, e.g. scar treatment. Working with spinal surgery patients immediately after operations in the ward and on an outpatient basis increased interest in the prevention of spinal injuries and spinal ergonomics. Thorough counseling, group assessment, therapeutic exercises and manipulations can help patients with chronic or acute back pain. Ergonomics is also associated with ergonomics – standing or sitting is one of the parts of work that causes swelling and thus reduces the quality of life and work (productivity). I advise on pressure treatment for various venous and lymphatic diseases and perform lymphatic massage and lymphatic therapy. I also conduct trainings and lectures on all these topics.

Merit Rohi (Estonian, Russian, English)
Merit Rohi (Estonian, Russian, English) Physiotherapist

I have graduated from Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkoolwith a degree in physiotherapy (2010), in-service training for lymphatic therapists (2014) and passed training for lymph therapist, level 6 exam (2015), arthritis and rigid lymphatic vessels at the Docrates Cancer Center in Finland. I have been working at Reio Vilipuu Rehabilitation Clinic since 2013. I advise on pressure treatment for various venous and lymphatic diseases, and I do lymphatic massage and lymphatic therapy for the purpose of treating edema after trauma, as a complication of cancer or for any other reason. I help patients with chronic or acute back pain and joint or muscle problems in other areas of the body with counseling, group assessment, therapeutic exercises and manipulations. I carry out foot load and gait research, advise and help to choose the right aids: insoles, orthoses, medical compression treatment products. In the case of the latter, also made to order aids can be bought with the discount of Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Gleb Sljusartšuk (Estonian, Russian, English)
Gleb Sljusartšuk (Estonian, Russian, English) Physiotherapist

Gleb holds a physiotherapy bachelor’s degree from the Tartu Ülikool. The topic of the dissertation was “Rehabilitation of the fracture of the proximal femur”, which dealt with the importance of both rehabilitation and prevention. He has chosen traumatology and musculoskeletal physiotherapy as his specialisation. In the context of specialisation, he has completed trainings in traumatology and muscoloskeletal physiotherapy, assisted in several planned traumatology surgeries. Gleb gained work experience in the outpatient and inpatient departments of special level hospitals, worked with the championship league and internationally playing teams. In addition, he participates in the activities of the medical unit of the Estonian Rescue Team in the role of a physiotherapist.

Vsevolod Švarikov (Russian, English, Estonian)
Vsevolod Švarikov (Russian, English, Estonian) Massage therapist and Running therapist

Vsevolod has studied and worked for the last 6 years in London, where he worked as a massage therapist, physiotherapist and as a walking and running therapist. Vsevolod analyses your walking and running, finds technical and mechanical faults and weaknesses. Then, running retraining can be offered after analysis, where he focuses on technical faults retrainig, strengthening and activating weak muscles, increasing mobility in restricted areas, preventing injuries. Vsevolod worked as a running physiotherapist with middle distance runners at the altitude camp in the South of France. He also worked in London with professional football and rugby clubs, post-traumatic patients, as well as amateur and professional athletes in the private clinic.

Kadri Laas (Estonian, Russian, English)
Kadri Laas (Estonian, Russian, English) Product Consultant
Diana Leht (Eesti, Vene, Inglise )
Diana Leht (Eesti, Vene, Inglise )Psychological counseling
Diana on kolme imelise lapse ema. Ta on lõpetanud Tartu Ülikoolis psühholoogia diplomiõppe ja Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkoolis ämmaemanda eriala, mõlemad õpped olid teadlikud valikud. Aastatel 2006-2018 on läbinud erinevaid koolitusi oma õpitud erialadega seotult nii Eestis kui ka välismaal.
Hektel töötab Ida-Tallinna Keskhaiglas ämmaemandana noortenõustajana noorte nõustamise kabinetis ja perekooli koolitajana. Kuulub Seksuaaltervise Liitu, kus on koolitaja, psühholoogiline nõustaja ning internetinõustaja. On teinud erinevaid koolitusi ning teeb tänaseni. Lastele, noortele on andnud loenguid, kus on käsitletud järgnevaid teemasid: murdeiga, seksuaalsus, seksuaalsuse areng, meeldimine, suhted, lugupidav suhtlemine, armastus, turvalisus, enese ja teise hoidmine, austamine, rasedus, sünnitus.
Perekoolis annab loenguid teemadel: tugiisiku abi sünnitusel, sünnitus, sünnitusvalude leevendamine, lapseootus. On olnud ka imetamisnõustaja ja teinud ka imetamisega seotud loenguid. Lisaks on andnud Mainori Majanduskõrgkoolis psühholoogia loenguid ja koolituanud perearste, pereõdesid, ämmaemandaid rasedusaegsete ja sünnitusjärgsete meeleolude osas ning lapsevanemaid teismeliste arengust, laste ja noorte seksuaalsest arengust, väärkohtlemisest. 2011-2017. a juhtis Ida-Tallinna Keskhaiglas perekooli, millest Isikliku elukorralduse muutuse tõttu loobus. Alates 2006. aastast on viinud läbi rasedate joogat ja sünnituseks ettevalmistavat võimlemist.
Diana on andnud ka välja jooga raamatu lapseootajatele.
Maigo Riener (Eesti, Vene, Inglise, Soome, Rootsi)
Maigo Riener (Eesti, Vene, Inglise, Soome, Rootsi) Onkoloogilise ravi ja taastusravi konsultant
Olen diplomeeritud Tartu Ülikooli arstiteaduskonna arstiteaduse erialal (MD, 2009) ja lõpetanud onkoloogia residentuuri (2013). Töötan Kymsote keskhaiglas (Kotka, Soome) onkoloogina keemia-ja kiiritusravi alal.
Birdy aka Böörds
Birdy aka BöördsExecutive Happiness Provider

Birdy’s job is to be there for those patients who need it.

It could be you
It could be you

We are looking for physiotherapists, lymphatic therapists and masseurs to join our team. Contact us by e-mail reio@taastusravikliinik.ee.