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After surgery or in the event of minor injury or continuous overloading, the ligament structures of the foot are weakened and require increased stability. The MalleoTrain S open heel active support guides the foot with its 3-level strap system. It prevents lateral twisting and gives a feeling of security. The open heel area improves the feeling of contact with the ground during barefoot sports such as gymnastics, dancing or martial arts.

  • Increased stability of the ankle on the move
  • Better grip on the floor during sport
  • Breathable Train Active Knit for high wearing comfort
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Get back on your feet faster!

The support’s breathable Train Active Knit is anatomically contoured and fits the foot perfectly. The compression effect of the knit aids the circulation and activates the surrounding musculature. The support thus stabilizes the foot without restricting mobility and is ideal for use during sporting activities. It fits into any trainer and helps to prevent further injury to the ankle during training or competition.

Thanks to the uncovered heel area of the MalleoTrain® S open heel, gymnasts, dancers and martial artists have an improved feeling of contact with the ground.

Dynamic stabilization

Thanks to its individually adjustable strap system, the MalleoTrain S open heel acts like a functional tape bandage. The strap is fastened around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern, thus securing the connection of the mid- and hindfoot with the lower leg. Unlike the tape bandage, the strap is applied under tension and its protection can thus be individually adjusted. You can feel it guiding your foot and this protects against lateral twisting, positively influences your perception of your own movement and gives you back the feeling of security during load bearing.

Our product range is based on national equipment guidelines, quality standards and treatment recommendations. Please ask your local dealer if a particular product is available in your country and which designs are available for you to choose from.

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  • Ligament insufficiency
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Slight sprains
  • Supination prophylaxis, including during sports activities

Health tips

Bauerfeind foot training keeps you mobile. You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!

Care instructions

All Train active supports can be machine washed separately at 30 °C with liquid detergent. Please note the following:

  • For products with Velcro straps: fasten these straps securely in position.

We recommend that you use a mesh lingerie bag (spin cycle: maximum 500 rpm). Air dry your Train active support. Do not dry it in a tumble-dryer because this can damage the knitted fabric.

Please wash your Train active support regularly so that the compression of the knitted fabric can be retained.




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