ManuLoc® Rhizo


ManuLoc® Rhizo


In the case of irritation and combination injuries that affect the wrist as well as the thumb carpometacarpal joint and thumb basal joint, the ManuRhizoLoc immobilizes the wrist and holds the thumb securely in a relaxed position with a support. The construction of the orthosis can be individually adjusted in line with the progress of treatment, whereby the mobility of the thumb basal joint is gradually increased and eventually the thumb support can be removed.

  • Stabilizes the wrist and supports the thumb
  • Mobility can be adjusted as treatment requires
  • Easy to put on and take off with one hand


Complete therapeutic solution

The aluminum stays incorporated in the ManuRhizoLoc provide secure support for the wrist and thumb. These stays are already anatomically contoured, but they can also be individually adjusted by an orthotist to offer optimum support. Although immobilization of the joint is paramount at the start of treatment, it is also important to gradually exercise the muscles to ensure long-term regeneration. The secure hold provided by the thumb support can be loosened using a Velcro tab at the thumb, giving the thumb basal joint greater freedom of movement in a controlled way. Once a sufficient degree of mobility has been restored, the thumb support can be completely removed. This makes it possible for you to grip objects with all of your fingers again, while your hand is still stabilized and the risk of further injuries is reduced.

Practical and comfortable

The orthosis is easy to put on and take off with one hand. The ManuRhizoLoc can be opened completely along its length using large micro Velcro fastenings. The ends of the fastening straps have an integrated pull-back stop device and allow the fastenings to be secured quickly and to the desired extent. The orthosis therefore fits like a glove, and the thumb support can be positioned individually.

Thanks to its breathable materials with additional air holes, the ManuRhizoLoc is extremely comfortable to wear. The orthosis has a flat design and is made of velour and micro Velcro, which enables it to be worn comfortably under your clothes, without pulling any threads, and also makes it particularly lightweight.

Quality from your medical retailer

ManuRhizoLoc stabilizing orthosis and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical and other orthopedic retailers, where trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis fits comfortably and securely.

Meditsiiniline näidustus

Irritation in the wrist or in the thumb basal joint and thumb carpometacarpal joint (post-traumatic and post-operative)
Severe carpometacarpal joint arthrosis
Combination injury in the wrist and thumb carpometacarpal joint
Carpal tunnel syndrome


Size012Order No.
Circumference of the wrist in cm12-1514-1918-2312053450080+0°
Circumference of the wrist in inches4.7-5.95.5-7.57.1-9.112053450080+0°

+6 = right, +7 = left

°= size

For intermediate sizes, select according to the width of the hand.



1, 2, 3


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ManuLoc® Rhizo
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