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  • Bauerfeind-Spinova-Immo-plus

    Spinova® Immo Plus

    850,00 Vali

    Following surgery on the lumbar spine, such as for vertebral displacement (spondylolisthesis) or spinal canal stenosis, mobilization of the muscles of the back can be promoted with varying degrees of intensity using the modular orthosis Spinova Immo Plus. Individual elements, such as the abdominal pad, shell or aluminum stays can be inserted, replaced or removed as needed.

    • For a treatment plan in three stages
    • Individually combinable
    • Easy to put on and adjust
  • Bauerfeind-Spinova-Immo

    Spinova® Immo

    760,00 Vali

    The orthosis is intended for the conservative treatment of simple and stable fractures, among other conditions. The combination of the Spinova tensioning strap system and the plastic shell system stabilizes and relieves pressure on the spine. The breathable materials and anatomic fit of the orthosis increase wearing comfort for the patient.

    • Individually combinable
    • Easy to put on
    • Easy to adjust
  • Bauerfeind-Softec-Dorso

    SofTec® Dorso

    1034,00 Vali

    The SofTec® Dorso multi-purpose orthosis is used in cases of vertebral displacement (spondylodesis), and also after operations on tumors, and to keep fractures immobile. It straightens the spine and stabilizes the transition point between the lumbar and thoracic spinal columns. It is almost as easy to put on as a jacket and is easily adjustable in several places.

    • Targeted support
    • Easy to put on
    • Easy to adjust
  • Bauerfeind-Lumboloc-Forte

    LumboLoc® Forte

    230,00 Vali

    In cases of lumbar vertebral syndrome or severe muscular weakness of the spine, LumboLoc Forte acts as a fixed support on the lumbar spine. Integral corset stays at the back support an anatomically correct posture. In addition, two different pressure cushions (pads) in the orthosis can be used to massage either the lumbar region or sacrum.

    • Fitted easily without the need for any great effort
    • Supports and activates
    • A strong partner in combatting back pain
  • Bauerfeind-Lumboloc


    130,50 Vali

    In the event of pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness, LumboLoc aligns the lumbar spine and relieves the intervertebral discs. Anatomically contoured corset stays at the rear of the orthosis support the back while an individually adjustable compression acts upon the lumbar spine to control motion and limit pain. LumboLoc is easy to adapt to individual body shapes providing the perfect fit.

    • Individually adaptable for the perfect fit
    • Light, elastic and breathable
    • A strong partner in combating back pain
  • Bauerfeind-SacroLoc®


    204,00 Vali

    SacroLoc® ortoos pakub kindlat tuge ristluu-niudeluu liigese (SI liiges) sündroomi ja valu korral. See stabiliseerib ja vähendab koormust vaagnalt ja sümfüüsilt ning kaheosaline silikoonpadi masseerib SI liigeseid. Vereringe paraneb ja paranemisprotsess kiireneb.

    • Stabiliseerib ja leevendab koormust
    • Spetsiifiliselt ristluu-niudeluu liigestele
    • Individuaalselt kohandatav tänu pingutusrihmadele
  • Bauerfeind-Lordoloc
    Eesti Tervisekassa soodustusega


    125,60 Vali

    LordoLoc is suitable for use as a back support for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome. The stabilizing orthosis with four 91/4″ integral anatomically contoured flexible lightweight aluminium stays has a muscle-activating effect, relieves the spine and is very low-profile. The degree of stabilization can be adjusted to provide optimal individual support to the lower back.

    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Material is very breathable and gentle on the skin
    • Low-profile and discrete
  • Bauerfeind-Lumbotrain-Lady

    LumboTrain® (Lady)

    160,30 Vali

    LumboTrain® aktiivtugi aitab leevendada mitmesuguseid alaselja probleeme, näiteks lumbaago, ristluu-niudeluu liigese düsfunktsioon jne. Aktiivtoel on kolmnurkne silikoonist mummudega massaažipadi, mis liikumisel tekitab massaažiefekti ja leevendab valu ning pingeid alaseljas.

    • Toetab ja masseerib alaselja lihaseid
    • Leevendab valu ja pingeid
    • Mugav, õhkuläbilaskev materjal
  • Bauerfeind-Dorsotrain


    390,00 Vali

    If the back is stiff and bent and can no longer be fully straightened without assistance, Dor-soTrain can help. This orthosis, shaped like a body with lateral body straps and a plastic rod integrated into the back section, aligns the spine and gives you support. It is therefore suitable in cases of osteoporosis, stiff thoracic spine and hunched backs.

    • Easy to put on and take off using zip fastening
    • Breathable material, gentle on your skin
    • High level of support with optimum freedom of movement
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