SofTec® Dorso


SofTec® Dorso


The SofTec® Dorso multi-purpose orthosis is used in cases of vertebral displacement (spondylodesis), and also after operations on tumors, and to keep fractures immobile. It straightens the spine and stabilizes the transition point between the lumbar and thoracic spinal columns. It is almost as easy to put on as a jacket and is easily adjustable in several places.

  • Targeted support
  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to adjust


Reduces strain on the thoracic and lumbar vertebra

SofTec ® Dorso has been specially designed so that the orthosis is easy to put on and adjust. It consists of a carbon-reinforced framework with bars, connected by an elastic, breathable knitted fabric. It is lightweight, flexible and yet so strong that it can support and straighten specific areas of the back.

As comfortable as a jacket

The design and functioning of the SofTec® Dorso orthosis were developed on the basis of the findings of spinal specialist Prof. Jürgen Harms. What patients particularly appreciate about it is that it is as easy to use as a jacket. To adjust for a perfect fit, all you have to do is pull forward the patented tensioning straps with your thumbs. It requires virtually no strength.

Quality from the medical retailer

SofTec® Dorso and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical and other orthopedic retailers. Here, trained staff will advise you, take precise measurements and ensure that your orthosis is sitting comfortably and securely in position.

Meditsiiniline näidustus

  • Conservative fracture management
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postoperative stabilization
  • Conservative treatment for tumors or spondylitis

You can find information here about how to keep your back in top condition!


SizeBody circumference in cmOrder number
Order number
175 – 901228490008100112284900082001
290 – 1051228490008100212284900082002
3105 – 1201228490008100312284900082003
4120 – 1351228490008100412284900082004

Versions: Short = <170 cm height, Long = > 170 cm height




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