Are you running with pain, acute or chronic injury, which stops you from doing what you love and reaching your goals? do you want to improve your running performance? are you training for a running event? or you are just curious to know more about your running? Book your running analysis session and learn more about YOUR running style.

There is something very magical about the ability to go for a run at the end of the rough day or to power start the day with a morning one. It gives you freedom, time to relax the mind, reload, an ability to improve fitness and to challenge your body. It can be very disappointing and deperssing when the injury or pain stand in the way of your running routine.

Injuries can affect runners at any level. But can you imagine if you could know potential reason for the injury before it even happen or knowing the way of fixing one that already happen? Then all you need to do is to book a RUNNING VIDEO ANALYSIS. No one teaches you how to run! We are more than happy to take you to the journey of exploration, what is the actually most biomechanically efficient way for YOU to run!

It is often an eye opening experience. Not many people seen how they really run and even if they did that didnt make too much sense for them. Our Jooksu terapeut will show and explain your running technique to you. During retraining sessions after analysis, visual feedback can really boost the learning process and help reach wanted results.

The retraing phase will be focused on strenthening your weaknesses, addressing your thight areas and improving your running technique.

During the Running Analysis you will be taken through a general running history to build up an understanding of your current levels and standards. Your specialist running coach will then take you through a warm up and build your awareness of using the treadmill. You will then be videoed on our treadmills from two angles, behind and side views. Once in the Running Performance Analysis room your coach will take you through your video and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your running technique.

Running therapy and video analysis include:

– Thorough assessment of injuries and pain
– Specific joint / muscle testing
– Discussion of the diagnosis
– Pain relief treatment
– Warm-up, introduction to running on the treadmill, filming
– Evaluation and discussion of your running
– Creating a personal home exercise program
– Discussion of the plan

Running related injuries we treat:

– Back pain and sciatica
– Tendinopathy
– Patellofemoral pain
– ITB syndrome
– Ankle and knee injuries
– Plantar fasciitis
– Postoperative injuries

Book an appointment for VIDEO ANALYSIS and therapy.